D‑Link Unveils Highly Cost‑Effective Fully‑Managed Gigabit Switches

The DGS‑2000 Series Gigabit Managed Switches provide flexible deployment and network management options enterprise and public sector

28 January, 2021

DGS-2000-10, DGS-2000-10P, DGS-2000-28, DGS-2000-28P, DGS-2000-52, DGS-2000-52MP Gigabit Managed Switches
DGS-2000 Gigabit Managed Switches

D-Link, a global leader in network technologies, today announces the addition of the DGS-2000 Series Gigabit Managed Switches to its portfolio of switches. The new series offers a cost-effective, flexible, fully-managed solution for businesses, public sector and service providers.

The DGS-2000 Series is fully equipped with a wide range of port densities, allowing for seamless integration into a wide range of applications and environments. The series offers multiple options for configuration with PoE to power edge devices, SFP ports to extend network connectivity, and advanced Layer 2 functionalities to ensure the reliability of data transmission; making it an ideal solution for access layer or multi-site deployments.

The DGS-2000 Series supports wired speed inter-VLAN routing to maximise network efficiency and reduce pressure on routers and backbone networks. What’s more, the switches support Auto Voice VLAN and Auto Surveillance VLAN, which automatically prioritise VoIP and video surveillance traffic; ensuring these time-sensitive and critical data transfer is not delayed or corrupted, even under heavy network utilisation.

The new launch also offers a range of sophisticated security features, including D-Link’s innovative Safeguard Engine™ which protects switches against traffic flooding the CPU caused by malicious attacks. Together with Packet Content Access Control Lists (ACL), Storm Control, and Smart IP-MAC-Port Binding, these switches are designed to allow businesses to build a more secure and robust network.

The DGS-2000 Series switches all come with dedicated console port with full Command Line Internet (CLI) support. For additional convenience, D-Link Network Assistant (DNA) utility allows administrators quickly and easily discover D-Link switches in the network to set up and configure multiple devices simultaneously.