D‑Link announces the latest series of powerful, cost‑effective and flexible layer 3 managed switches

The DGS‑3130 Series Gigabit Layer 3 Stackable Managed Switches combine a wide range of sophisticated features with 6 built‑in 10G ports to enhance networks for small‑to‑medium sized business and enterprises

07 January, 2019

DGS-3130 Series Gigabit Layer 3 Stackable Managed Switches side

D-Link, the multinational networking equipment manufacturer, has announced the availability of its latest range of robust, highly reliable switches; the DGS-3130 Series Gigabit Layer 3 Stackable Managed Switches. This is the first series on the market with six built-in 10G stacking/uplink ports, providing high physical stacking bandwidth (up to 9 switches with 80G bandwidth). 
These switches have been engineered to provide maximum uptime for small-to-medium business and enterprise networks, as well as metro Ethernet applications. They offer high security, multiple management options and flexible stacking configurations to provide a reliable and resilient network.

D-Link’s DGS-3130 Series come with comprehensive L2 and L3 functionality, and QoS features to enable efficient traffic management, for example, support for multicast through IGMP/MLD snooping and ISM VLAN makes the devices ideal for IPTV applications. With a variety of port configurations, each switch is equipped with six 10G uplink/stacking ports, two 10GBASE-T ports and four 10G SFP+ ports to enable convenient stacking.

Highly secure and able to support multiple authentication mechanisms, the DGS-3130 Series feature Multi-layer and Packet Content Access Control Lists (ACL), Storm Control, and IP-MAC-Port Binding (IMPB) with DHCP Snooping. This allows IT managers and administrators to bind a source IP address with an associated MAC and define the port number to provide fine-grained user access control. All models in the series also feature built-in, high-capacity 6kV surge protection, protecting the switches against damage from electrical surges and lightning strikes.

Key features of D-Link’s DGS-3130 Series Gigabit Layer 3 Stackable Managed Switches include: 

  • Advanced L3 feature IGMP filtering provides the capability to manage IGMP snooping, which in turn controls the forwarding of multicast traffic. 
  • Advanced L3 feature IPv6 Neighbour Discovery supports more traffic through IP address scalability.
  • Supports OSPF L3 routing protocol using link-state routing for increased efficiency and scalability and maximized bandwidth usage in large enterprise networks.
  • Comprehensive security features such as ACL, Storm Control, and IP-MAC-Port Binding (IMPB) with DHCP Snooping ensure your network safety as your business grows.
  • Compatible with OAM standards for Carrier Ethernet to enable the highest level of service assurance. 
  • ERPS (Ethernet Ring Protection Switching) provides higher reliability by enabling the service provider to build scalable layer 2 aggregation networks.

For more information about D-Link’s range, please visit the D-Link website: https://eu.dlink.com