D‑Link announces NEMA‑TS2 certification for its DIS‑100G and DIS‑300G Industrial Gigabit Switches

The DIS‑100G and DIS‑300G series, have received the NEMA‑TS2 Section 2 certification standard for safe traffic control.

18 July, 2018

DIS-100G-5SW stacked with a 5W, 5PSW, DIS-300-12SW, 8PSW, 14PSW

D-Link, the multinational networking equipment manufacturer, has announced its ruggedised, high-performance switches; the DIS-100G and DIS-300G series, have received the NEMA-TS2 Section 2 certification standard for safe traffic control.

Defined by America’s National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), NEMA-TS2 Section 2 relates to the environmental standards and operating conditions for intersection traffic control equipment, such as such as traffic lights, road condition signs and pedestrian crossings and sets the limits of the environmental and operation conditions in which the Controller Assembly will perform. These include guidelines for temperature (-34 to 74°C), humidity (8% to 90% RH, noncondensing), vibration (0.5 g @ 5 to 30Hz), and shock (10 G's for 11 ms).

Kevin Wen, President of D-Link Europe, said: “Our DIS-100G and DIS-300G switches are designed to support all manner of roadside smart city applications, including sensor networks, city-wide surveillance and universal outdoor wireless. However, as the needs of the smart city evolve to become more sophisticated, so too will the use cases of our switches, so this certification provides smart city planners the flexibility to confidently specify our hardware across the full range of applications including traffic control and two-way communication with autonomous vehicles.”